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Sunday, February 19, 2006

An Unexpected Weekend

Let me tell you, a weekend spent at the Olympic Village Medical Services (otherwise known as the local hospital) was not on the Olympic Knitting agenda. Friday evening we ended up in the emergency room when the old man, husband Joe, suffered a TIA. Friday night was spent in the ICU, where I managed a couple hours sleep in a chair made slightly more comfortable by the pillow and blanket a kindly nurse gave me. Saturday was spent waiting for tests, waiting for results, and waiting for doctors. I cast on the second fingerless glove and got a little done. Today was again spent waiting for test results and waiting for doctors. I got most of the glove done. The doctors finally gave the okay to go home late in the afternoon. Joe is doing fine now, but tomorrow we are off to the doctor's office for more tests, etc.

Without minimizing the seriousness of the weekend, the knitting was a help. It passed the time during all the interminable waiting, and helped to settle my nerves, which as you can imagine were pretty well shot after Friday night. The TIA episode itself lasted about two and a half hours, and was over as suddenly as it had begun. The hospital staff was excellent, competent, and compassionate. A couple of nurses had to see what I was knitting, of course. However, they were much more interested in blood pressures and other vitals, as they should have been.

Tonight, although we are both worn out, all is well and it is good to be home again. We have a lot of confidence in the doctor who will be treating him from here on out. The ice dancing is on and the ladies' costumes are furnishing lots of fodder for our amusement. However, we are going to have to kick the two girls out of the bedroom pretty soon. It seems they have taken shameless advantage of our absence.

Here's hoping you all had a quiet, uneventful weekend.


Blogger Ann said...

What a weekend, Pat! My prayers and good thoughts are with you and your husband...Take care of him and take care of yourself.

7:29 AM  
Anonymous Laura said...

Thank goodness you recognized the TIA and took action right away. My dad is definitely a statistic in that area. He and mom didn't recognize a TIA and he had a full and quite debilitating stroke within the next 48 hrs. Very common thing to happen. Take care and rest well and knit what you want when you can. You're both in my prayers and thank God he's okay right now. (((Hugs)))

9:14 AM  
Blogger JulieLoves2Knit said...

Oh Pat - sounds like Yarn Therapy was really necessary. Aren't you glad you had it with you? Hope Joe is feeling better...sorry but what is a TIA? Anytime you have to spend in the hospital is stressful - especially with those you love.
Looks like your kitties held down the fort and kept things warm while you were away!
Keep us posted - am thinking about you!

10:01 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

Oh Pat,

Thank goodness Joe is better. You are both in my prayers tonight. Keep us posted. I am so glad you met kindly nurses. Most of us really do care.

6:49 PM  

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