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Monday, February 06, 2006

Time Trials

Yesterday's SuperBowl was a good opportunity to practice with sock yarn and little needles. I only had to work a couple hours, so I had the pleasure of a Sunday (nearly) off from work. I really enjoyed the day. I did a little wash, went to the grocery twice (the second time for what was forgotten the first time), did some yard work in the warm sunshine, and knit during all the SuperBowl stuff. Dinner was a practice, again; chicken from the deli along with potato salad and coleslaw from the same place. I did make chili cheese dip in the crockpot. After the SuperBowl we switched to the Monk marathon for a couple hours. We actually saw a couple episodes we hadn't seen before.

I had cast on the second sock on Saturday, but only got an inch of the cuff done. On Sunday I got four inches done, almost 3,000 stitches. I got nearly to the heel flap. This second sock is going much faster than the first. I think I'm more comfortable with the yarn and needles now, not to mention that I am anxious to finish the pair now that I know how well the first one fits. Is it possible I could finish before Friday?

Yesterday and today have been so warm, I have had the doors and windows open and have been working in the yard in my shirtsleeves. This really isn't such a good thing. Early February here should be cooler and wetter. The old man and I were out trimming tree branches today, and I went in the back yard to prune the climbing rose bush. What should I see? Get a load of this.

The rose bush has started to leaf out. So have the rose bushes in the front yard, as well as one of my lantanas. THere are marigolds and geraniums blooming in the front, and my oregano is starting to get green in the back yard. The irises are getting new growth, and the mulberry tree is budding up as well. This is way too early. Especially since we have had no rain to speak of since September, as I recall. I have already been watering my little spruce trees, and with all this new growth I will probably have to start watering on a regular basis. This is definitely not in the winter plan. I cannot remember another winter when there has been no snow on the mountains. It's like we are heading full tilt for spring and have never had winter. In the high desert where we live, this is really bad news. All the grasslands and trees will dry out terribly and we will turn into a giant tinderbox. Already there are dire forecasts for the fire season. Hopefully the weather patterns will change and we will get some much needed rain in the next month or so.

I think that tomorrow I shall move officially into the Olympic Village, bag and baggage, and start serious time trials. Looking forward to seeing you all out in the venues.


Blogger Whit said...

I'd love it if you'd join my Olympic Team - Team DPN!!



9:26 PM  
Blogger margene said...

We are having sunny warm weather after 3 weeks of winter. Thankfully the mountains have plenty of snow. I heard a house finch singing his lungs out on Sunday morning. I swear it was a month too early.

7:21 AM  

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