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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

40 Days Update

I finished my third hat for 40 Days For Others on Sunday. All three were made with the same basic pattern (see March 9 post), but each was made a different size. So I have a Poppa hat, a Momma hat, and a Baby hat. (Yes, Poppa and Baby are bears, but Momma is a buffalo. Let's not discuss the biological ramifications of that, okay?) Baby's hat had 72 stitches cast on, Momma's had 90 cast on, and Poppa's had 114. Baby had about 45 rows knit before the top decreases, and Momma's and Poppa's had 55.

I cast on this afternoon for the second purple sock for Sockapaloooza. I would hate to get caught finishing up late! I had some thoughts about finishing the Lace Kerchief Scarf in time for Easter, but I think it would be asking too much. As far as Project Spectrum goes, I set aside the Simple Stripes sweater to finish this month, since it is mostly yellow and orange, two colors that I don't have anywhere else. I have lots of yellow and orange in the garden, but not in the house, and not in the knitting.

One of these days I need to do some serious sidebar updating. I'm reading more blogs these days -- there's so many interesting and inspiring ones out there! It would be easy to spend a couple hours a day sitting in front of the computer.

We might get some rain here -- sure hope so. My fruit trees are getting ready to bloom. Spring seems to be spreading throughout blogland. I do enjoy looking at everyone's garden pictures. Keep posting!


Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Oh, I absolutely love these little hats - actually I love the bears as well, such cuties!
I'm looking forward to seeing progress photos of the second purple sock - have fun knitting it!

4:11 AM  
Blogger Ann said...

Great hats, Pat. Thanks for participating! Very funny number 11 by the way...I don't know how I'll choose!

4:42 AM  
Blogger margene said...

The hats are so cute!

6:38 AM  
Blogger JulieLoves2Knit said...

Your hats are so cute!!!
We're getting rain and I wish I could send it to you - although it is nice to see the grass getting greener!!

8:13 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

Beautiful hats for a wonderful cause. Someone will be very thankful.

7:30 PM  

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