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Friday, March 31, 2006


A little while back, Abigail asked if I would like to join her Sock Yarn Addict's Club. Actually, at the time she told me about it, the name wasn't Sock Yarn Addict's Club; it was then an idea to do some stashbusting and knit up sock yarn without buying any new stash (sock stash, that is). I really didn't want another KAL, but I had already been planning to knit up the sock yarn I had, so it was easy to jump on the bandwagon. And after all, with Abigail being another Arizona gal who's LYS is a WalMart, how could I refuse? Anyways, pretty soon the KAL was filled and the start date is tomorrow, April 1st.

We were instructed to take pictures of our stash for posting on Opening Day. Abigail had already asked for a count of how much sock yarn we had on hand already. I counted fourteen balls of yarn for 7 pairs. (I found another 2 balls today.) I didn't count the Regia and the Koigu that right now is earmarked for other projects besides socks. Now apparently this is pretty awful for a yarn stash. Only 14 - or 16 - balls of sock yarn? Pathetic, I am now thinking. And I, being obviously fairly naive, thought I was overloaded with the stuff. But I'm standing firm. I'm knitting this up before I buy anymore! (she said with a firm stamp of her foot).

So I got the yarn and I posed the picture and then I went looking for the camera. Surprise, surprise, it's not where I left it.

Find the camera is a game frequently played at this house. It comes of having two teens with their own blogs who love to post their own pictures. That's fine and dandy, but I wish they would learn to put the camera back when they are done. Instead, they leave it somewhere in their rooms. And if you know what teenagers' rooms look like, you know how long it took me to find it.

So the "big" stash is now photographed and is waiting to be posted tomorrow. I won't be home for most of the day so I will do a quick post of the (pathetic stash) picture when I get the chance. Then I will go look at everyone else's pictures on Sunday and drool.

Since I don't like to post without at least one picture, here is one in honor of the new colors for Project Spectrum, yellow and orange for April.

See you tomorrow!


Blogger Ann said...

Gack!!! Is it April?!

Lovely flower, by the way.

5:33 AM  
Blogger margene said...

I'm here as an advocate against SYAC. I am a reformed Stashalonger and just want to say it ain't fun to not be able to buy sock yarn. It's stinks, grrl, it stinks!

6:44 AM  

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