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Monday, March 20, 2006

Medical Center

Blogger is being nearly totally uncooperative with me this morning, not uploading pictures and arguing with me about fonts and other items, so the planned post for today will be delayed until the monster decides to behave again. In the meantime, if you haven't done so already, do go and visit Laurie, not only to wish her and her husband well after a nasty accident, but to read an absolutely amazing story about knitbloggers taking care of one another. I kid you not, I was very touched by the story. I have never been to her site before, but Margene was directing everyone there from her blog post today. I know that I was particularly touched by this story after our own hospital experience four weeks ago, and I could so relate to the sense of being alone until the support group shows up.

Coincidentally, and not to detract anything from Laurie's circumstances, I spent a few hours late yesterday afternoon in the emergency room -- again. Annie had an accident with our Neon (the almost-new car, of course); she skidded on black ice while trying to stop at a stop light. Lots of xrays later and one very cranky, upset teenager later, she was released with only a sprained ankle and some pain pills. Thank God for air bags and seat belts. We have yet to see the car; we were out at the time and out of cell phone range in the mountains and didn't find out until almost two hours after the accident. Not surprisingly, I had knitting with me, and it did serve to calm my nerves once again. But I have announced loudly to everyone that I am sick and tired of knitting in hospitals and everyone needs to kindly cut it out.

Since we all seem to be on medical issues today, I am happy to report that Joe is still doing well after his TIA. I will have to get on him, though, about the four pounds he gained on the cruise. (I only gained two, haha.) He is supposed to be losing some, as I should as well, so it is back to the un-gourmet meals at our house. I am debating about making weight loss a reportable item on the blog, so that I have the incentive to have progress to report. But I digress. While Joe was in the hospital, we had some major discussions about his job and the stress levels he was encountering there, something that had to be considered in light of his life-altering medical event. We both decided that he would go back to work and see what happened. Well, it didn't happen. His blood pressure skyrocketed and we both knew that we weren't willing to take any chances. So he quit that job and is now working at another with next to no stress whatsoever. Full time, better hours, comparable benefits. No blood pressure issues. We're still adjusting, but there are no regrets whatsoever about the decision. You can replace a paycheck; you can't replace the person.

Hope everyone else is feeling well!


Blogger Laura said...

Oh no, I'm so far behind!! Look what spring break does. Sends you on a cruise and makes my bloglines skyrocket. So much to do when you get back to the real world!

"Boy bait." heheh Yes, I remember when I was boy bait, and I don't look forward to my own daughters being such - it's not long now.

The cruise! I'm so JEALOUS!! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. :)

12:38 PM  
Blogger JulieLoves2Knit said...

Pat - glad you all had a good time on your adventure!! Laurie's story is amazing - knitbloggers - who would have thunk!! A community is an amazing thing.
I was thinking about you when I heard about the snow in AZ - my niece was at the Regional Swim meet in Phoenix (I think, or maybe Tucson) - looking forward to a tan and it rained instead!!
Glad you all had a relaxing trip and it sounds like your family enjoyed the time together!!
I loved the 'boy bait' comment!
Congrats the Joe and his knew job - lucky it all worked out!!

1:31 PM  

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