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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tying Myself into Knots

First off, let me thank Ann, Abigail, and Margene for reassuring me that I am not some crazed superhuman monster who bends bamboo sticks out of shape due to some genetic abnormality. Actually, I though it was just a sign of the times; after all, we all know that I haven't been under any stress at all lately or anything like that whatsoever. But these lovely people were quick to jump in and let me know that bent bamboo is not something to stress over.

Secondly, if you haven't read Abigail's wrap-up post on the Knitting Olympics, you should...even though we're all about Olympic'ed out right now it's worth the time.

Thirdly, in honor of Margene's blogiversary, I'm posting this picture of the first iris of the year. Margene's blog is lovely, warm, and filled with beautiful pictures of mountains and knitting. How could I not love it? So if you haven't already, go over and wish her happy anniversary.

Fourthly, I have begun my Project Spectrum knitting. This is the Lacy Kerchief Scarf from IK Summer '05. I am doing it in Knitpicks Shine.

I had loads of fun trying to figure out how to do a provisional cast on. I ended up using a crocheted chain with waste yarn, and felt I was getting off to a good start. But then, as I was knitting, doubt began to creep in. I kept looking at that crocheted chain. I thought about the 80 some inches of knitting that would go into this scarf before the directions said to go back and finish off that end. What if I knit that far and then the darned thing didn't work right? Could I bear the anxiety that would be my constant companion while I worked on this? Heck, no. I put the stitches on a holder and went back and tried to pull out the chain. No luck. I ended up cutting away the chain to get the stitches on the needle again. What a mess! Finally I had all the stitches picked up and I knit the end of the scarf. Success! I went back and got the stitches back off the holder and continued knitting on my merry way. Just think of all the anxious nights I've saved myself!

Finally, the old man has been medically cleared for all normal activities and is going back to work tomorrow. Woohoo!


Blogger Ann said...

Nice knitting and all, Pat, but Whoohoo on the husband health! Take a breath. and knit some more;)

8:08 PM  
Anonymous margene said...

The lace is beautiful so far and thank you for the good wishes. You already have Iris blooming!? We have 1' blades of daffodils and one croci has come up. It will be awhile.

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Laura said...

Oh the lace is so pretty! I think it would be much easier if someone showed you the provisional cast-on and then stood there saying "yes, that's right... yes... yes it's perfect.... yes, it'll be just fine when you go back to it... just keep on knitting and then go back to it later... no, don't mess with it, it's fine.... it's perfect... just leave it alone...." hehe

10:48 AM  
Blogger JulieLoves2Knit said...

I am so jealous of the Iris's - they are my favorites - it will be months before I see them here. I've got them all around my garden and really enjoy them. I was actually looking at my garden beds the other day - what a mess they are in. We have a free 'yard debris' pickup coming in April - so better get pruning and cleaning!!
(My needles are bent too!)

1:24 PM  

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