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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Getting Back on Track

The yarn for the Sockapaloooza finally arrived today. Now I just have to make the final pattern decision. I want to finish the Kroy socks first, however; hopefully by the closing ceremonies. Although I'm not making this an official part of my Olympic challenge, I'd still like to push myself in this direction.

Did anyone else see the little article on the Knitting Olympics in the February 20 Time magazine? Page 17.

Things are going well here. The old man and I have gone out walking every afternoon after I get home from work and he is getting his strength back. Today I had to hustle a bit to keep up -- a good sign! The late afternoon temperatures here are great for walking.

Time to knit and watch the ladies skating. Go USA!


Blogger Ann said...

I'm so glad he's getting some of his hustle back! Give him a hug and a kiss for us!

4:41 PM  

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