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Friday, February 10, 2006

The Drama Begins Tonight

Wow! What a march into the stadium! Several thousand knitters, marching, including those brave souls carrying their needles and yarn, ready to cast on as the flame is lit.

Proudly I marched into the fray, casting on for the fingerless gloves as the old man watched. What are you doing, he said. (SIlly man.) Remember, dear, I told you about the Knitting Olympics -- about how it started from a small idea and escalated into a worldwide craze, how it's been featured on NPR and maybe will be even more famous yet. Yes, he replied, but what are YOU doing there?

I'm making fingerless gloves, I replied. And then he gave me that look. You know, the look that says, "I think she's out of her mind. She keeps coming up with these weird ideas, but fingerless gloves? FINGERLESS? Is she nuts? What good are FINGERLESS gloves? Do I tell her she's lost it this time? And what can I say to her that doesn't get ME into trouble?" So, after a suitable pause, he says, "Why?"

Now I know and you know what he's been thinking during this long pause. But will he understand if I tell him about the challenge of it all, the spirit of the thing, the glory of the effort, the grandeur of being part of such a significant moment in history? Should I mention the drama of reaching for personal goals, of stretching one's boundaries? Or the tremendous fellowship bound to grow among so many knitters crammed into one too-small Olympic village? The excitement generated by the exchange of ideas and patterns, and the future bills generated by the future purchase of new and wonderful yarns that I see and will have to try out? Can I possibly hope that he will understand the fascination of knitting with my first hand-painted yarn and watching the colors dance together as I create a thing of beauty and unquestionable usefulness? Will he realize the absolute importance of having a gold medal to post on my blog? The pride of achievement? The satisfaction of a goal that is reached after unspeakable effort? I stare at my husband of thirty years and reply, "Because I want to."


Anonymous Laura said...

OH my gosh I just choked on my pizza laughing when he said "why?"

TOO F U N N Y ! ! ! ! !

I just love this. hehe

11:55 PM  
Blogger Ann said...

NPR? I missed it! Knit on, Pat! Through the adversity. Toward the Gold!

7:03 AM  
Blogger christine said...

Men, can't live with them........pass the beer nuts. (From Cheers) Yeah, mine doesn't get it either. On for the GOLD!

8:33 AM  
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