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Friday, January 27, 2006

What's That Sound?

Wednesday morning, just before the alarm went off at 4:15, I heard something. It was like a little growl. The alarm went off and there was a flicker of light, and then...THUNDER. And then...RAIN. Maybe there was even some...HAIL. About freakin' time! But by the time I left for work an hour later, it had stopped, except for some lightening in the distance. And it was over, for good. The clouds all went away, and you would never know that anything had happened in the early morning dark. I took a picture of the late afternoon sky for all the sky watchers.

No more rain for the foreseeable future.

Today had a lot of down time in it. I worked on the Simple Stripes sweater, and got from the front ribbing to the armholes. Sure, not really a lot, but it sounds impressive. I'd work more on it tonight, but I want to finish the first sock. I've got to finish SOMETHING in January.


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