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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Belated Happy 18th Birthday to Annie! (Since I didn't post yesterday.) This is Annie's prom picture from last spring, and the other is her and the old man getting ready to set off for a hike in Bryce Canyon last June. Annie is the family's manic hiker -- ten or twelve miles a day would be just fine with her. There was a whole whack of teenagers over yesterday for cake and candles and presents -- lots of Victoria's Secret stuff (hmmm). And to celebrate her arrival into so-called adulthood, she got her belly button pierced. (No, I did not approve. I just get on with it.) She also got dolphin stuff, since she is dolphin-mad, and Lemony Snicket books. Victoria's Secret and Lemony Snicket. Well, why not?

Actually did some knitting on the prayer shawl yesterday. I wanted something to knit in the car. More has been done on the Simple Stripes sweater, but still working on the back. The Ribbed Socks are going slowly. No one told me that sock yarn on US 0 needles would seem to take forever. I thought about a picture, but who wants to see toothpicks with ribbing on them?


Blogger JulieLoves2Knit said...

Pat - the Iris Wrap is great! I've been thinking of something like that for one of my girls - wonder if they'd really wear anything I knit besides socks - which they love!!
Have you ever knit with interchangeable needles?

11:27 AM  

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