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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

And some progress!

Here are the current projects. The sock has the instep decreases almost finished, and I have finished the back of the Simple Stripes sweater and have cast on the front. It looks like the stripe pattern is going to match up quite well. The scarf/stole is peeking out of my work bag; it's right at the halfway point. And of course, one needs the ever present TV remote. The only project not visible here is the prayer shawl; I actually worked on it Sunday night when I was feeling somewhat under the weather with a touch of the stomach bug (thank you for sharing, Annie), and still felt like doing something that I didn't have to think about.

I'm on my way to filling my New Year's goals. I have already joined two KAL's, one hosted by the PurlingP's for socks; Julie and I have both joined Stephanie's Knitting Olympics (KAL links in sidebar). I am going to knit the fingerless gloves I planned to do with my lone skein of Wildfoote. This should be interesting and I am looking forward to it.

We went up to Tucson on Monday and I took the travel bag with me. But my sense of timing was a little off -- I was right at the shoulder shaping for the SS sweater and I didn't want to mess with that in the car. And the scarf was right at the point of needing a new ball of yarn joined and I didn't want to try to splice it together in a moving vehicle, either. Then I found that I had dropped a stitch in the sweater half a dozen rows back; so I frogged it and spent a good while picking the stitches back up. It kept me pretty occupied, and that was a good thing. Barbara has gotten her driver's permit and the old man was letting her drive part way. Having to concentrate on picking up stitches actually kept me from getting too nervous about the child driver sitting behind the wheel in MY car. I ask you, wouldn't you be nervous with this child driving???

Self-portrait taken and posted by Barbara. Actually, she's rather proud of her eye-crossing abilities. And wouldn't you be, too? (All comments posted reference Barbara's questionable abilities will be duly forwarded to her.)


Blogger Ann said...

Ooooo, sorry about the stomach thing. What a beautiful girl...and such flexible eye muscles. She ought to be in the Olympics. I'm 3 years away from the daughter-driving thing myself. Thankfully. Speaking of Olympics, I don't know yet what I'll be knitting...Something lace, I think. Or Cables. Sheesh.

7:36 AM  
Blogger margene said...

You have a beautiful daughter, but I'd be very nerveous, too.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Patricia said...

LOL! You live in the warm Southwest, I live in the very cold Canadian city of Toronto. Hasn't anyone ever said to her "If you don't watch out, your face will freeze like that?"

10:34 AM  

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