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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's Not So Easy

Why is it, just when I get settled in the village, and I'm out started to surf my fellow Team DPN members' blogs to get acquainted, reality wants to reach out and jerk me back? My family is supportive of my Olympic aspirations, but work? Work tried to delay my flight plans yesterday, but didn't succeed. Today it sent me home too late and too tired. I've unpacked my skein of Brown Sugar Wildfoote, but Big Cat and I haven't found the Size 2 needles yet. So I haven't done a gauge swatch yet. It's almost embarrassing. It's like everyone else is out on the ice practising, and I can't find my skates, so to speak. And then I got an SOS from the family. The dishwasher won't drain. It's full of yucky, scummy water. Well, not to worry. The pit crew (otherwise known as the dishwasher repair man) will be in on Monday, and everything will get back to normal. In the meantime, there are plenty of paper plates in the pantry.

As far as moving into the village, it was a pretty smooth process -- but the Knitting Committee was not impressed when Big Cat left a hairball on a chair in the dining hall.

In other news, Sandy has asked everyone to post a picture of their knitting spot. Since I had to go back to reality to deal with the dishwasher, I took a candid picture of my knitting spot. This is the living room and the couch where I knit. There's no knitting spread out on it right now, but for some unexplained reason the printer has migrated from the bedroom to the middle of the couch. The one Kroy sock is on the table, and there is no sign of Little Cat. Not surprising. She's probably off eating a bracelet or something. And on the right is the old man's recliner. Ten minutes before the picture was taken, he was sleeping in it, but that ended rather abruptly. (What do you mean, the dishwasher won't drain? Says who? You woke me up for this?) I thought about taking a picture of the scuzzy water in the dishwasher, but since I don't knit in the kitchen -- and I certainly don't knit in the dishwasher -- you all were spared a really disgusting posting.

It's getting pretty busy in the Village tonight. Do you suppose that, once this Olympic thing really got going, all the yarn shops saw a big jump in business? There's nothing like an Olympics to boost the economy.

See you all in the village tomorrow.


Blogger Sandysknitting said...

Love your knitting place. Looks cozy! :) This is my favorite meme too, that's why I wanted it to continue!
Hope your dishwasher gets fixed soon! And that little dishwashers take it's place! (kids)

4:26 AM  
Blogger Ann said...

You're cracking me up Pat. Ahem, I mean I'm packing and will join you all in the village later tonight...

5:07 AM  
Blogger JulieLoves2Knit said...

Pat - The Village???? Oh my gosh you should see my suite - I'll post pictures asap (Help I'll have to give up some of my time!)
My roomates have similar habits as yours - always wanting attention when you are trying to count YO and k2tog!!
Isn't this amazing - one small suggestion and 4000 people later!
Knit on!!

1:22 PM  

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