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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Physical Therapy

There is probably no better therapy for nerves that are shot to pieces than to knit with lovely, soft, and/or satisfyingly colored yarns. I've been working on the second Trekking sock when I can get the chance and am ready for the little sock needles. The play of colors in the Trekking is so soothing to the eye, and the feel of the wool on my fingers is elementally comforting. I'd really like to get these finished up soon. Perhaps if there is some down time at work this week -- hopefully the phones and the air conditioning are fixed -- I will get to do exactly that.

If I'm looking for something easy to knit, I work on bias squares for Rebuilding Greensburg. I've got plenty of yarn I could use for the squares, and I imagine that I will knit away on these until at some point I decide it's time to mail them off to Laura. Knitting on these -- any charity knitting -- is always guaranteed to make me feel better.

Finally, if I'm really in need of the ultimate comfort knitting, I reach for little Felicity's Moderne Baby Blanket. The Plymouth Dreambaby yarn is so soft, and I find the rows and rows of garter stitich to be endlessly soothing. I resisted getting Mason Dixon Knitting for a long time, but now it is one of my favorite books. I always smile when I pick it up. Who would have thought that plain old garter stitch could be so popular?

Then there is another kind of physical therapy, the one which involves pushing the proper computer buttons. This morning, when I checked my email, I found the news of Knitpicks 40% off books sale. So I promptly indulged in a little physical therapy of the library variety. Oh, and of the sock yarn variety as well.

Of course, taking Buddy for a walk also is good physical therapy. Especially when the evening sky looks like this.

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Blogger Roxie said...

Repetitive movement is meditative and soothing. They used to teach weaving to violent mental patients before tranquilizers were developed. Your Trekking socks are peace manifest. What serene colors! Lots to be said for retail therapy, too!

Lovely sky picture!

7:21 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Hello My Friend Pat!! How is everything? Settling down at the office?? I really hope so. The afghan squares are BEAUTIFUL! I look forward to receiving them. :)

Thanks for so many lovely photos of the Grand Canyon - I can always count on great travel photos from you! Take good care and hopefully I'll be caught up on my bloglines soon! xoxox

11:47 AM  

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