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Monday, July 09, 2007

Bells Are Ringing

Phew! The three days are done, and this morning I am actually feeling pretty decent. There are a couple medical appointments this afternoon and then I plan to spend as much of the rest of the day knitting that I can. Complicating the three day siege was the presence of out-of-state visiting relatives; I was very happy that I got to spend even what little time I had visiting with them, but it did twist the planning for meals, etc., just a bit.

Then yesterday (Sunday) Mike's new girlfriend drove down from Tucson to meet us and spend the day with Mike. We rolled out of bed somewhere around seven thirty and realized that the house was a disaster. Yikes! Not the way to make a good first impression! Joe vacuumed, I picked up the garbage and took it out to the can and cleaned the litter box, and Mike hid all his dirty clothes that were in the family room and then cleaned the bathroom. So all was well when she showed up. Everyone was on their best behaviour, including Buddy, who offered to go home with her last night.

Friday night the relatives wanted to take us out to dinner at the local Australian-style steak place. That was fine with me; I'd had an absolutely horrible day. When we moved to the new office, we took the four old office phones with us. At present, only one has been working properly, and the rest are to be fixed this week. We were having four new ones installed Friday afternoon, so in addition to being rather busy in the office to start with, I was running back and forth with several phone guys. Back door, front door, calling me on the one working office phone and telling me what to do. With the air conditioning not working right, I was an overheated mess. Three of the new phones are hand helds, which will be very convenient for us; however, they refused to work correctly. Every time I put them in the base station to charge, they would start ringing and wouldn't stop. The phone guy kept calling me on the working office phone to tell me to try something else to get them to stop; regular phone traffic was coming in on the working phone and on the otheroffice phone that rings but you can't answer it because the handset doesn't work; the handhelds were ringing like mad. People ringing the front and back doorbells, the computer fluffing off, and after about ninety minutes of this I was going stark raving crazy. I finally called the phone guy and told him that I had was going beserk and I was pulling the plugs on the three base stations; he agreed and said that we would have to start all over again on Monday.
Silence at last. And since it's Monday, and I'm not at work, let somebody else go raving crazy today.

But I made the mistake of telling everyone at dinner that night about the phone mess, and how even after the phones were shut off I had phantom phones ringing in my ears and brain for the next couple hours.

They all thought it would be really funny to set off their cell phones right in the middle of dinner.

My nerves should be back to normal in another week or two.



Blogger Kathy said...

Oh Pat.

"protect us from all anxiety as we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. "
Im praying it for my blogfriends today.

What can I do for you??????????????

The relatives have it right.....humor is necessary now!

Can you knit to a funny movie? An old favorite?

5:27 AM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

Hope your were able to get in that knitting time yesterday. Sounds like you really need it. Hope things get calmer for you soon!

6:19 AM  

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