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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Turning a Corner

Thank you all for the good wishes! I am happy to say that some serious sleep, a few glasses of Marsala, lots of fresh water, and a bit of knitting has done the trick and I am feeling quite myself again. I've even lost three of the five pounds I gained last week on junk food and cola. Now tomorrow I head back to work, and who knows how long my refreshed spirits will last, as I hear that there have been untold problems with the new computers and the air conditioning in the new building while I've been off. I shall keep a glass of ice water close at hand and sip on that instead of cola and junk food.

I hope the air conditioning is fixed; we have had temperatures over 100 degrees for the last several days. I have been watering the garden twice as much as normal just to keep things alive. We may get some rain and cooler temps later in the week; I sure hope so.

On the home front, one car has returned home from the shop with the bad news that it is no longer able to be driven safely at highway speeds. In short, it's on its' last legs. Not really a surprise, but not welcome news either. The other car will not come home for another week yet, as the part it needs is on order. Fortunately, I was able to get the shop's loaner car for the duration, so at least I still have wheels to get to work.

Both convalescents are continuing to improve, although not as fast as desired. One of them, fortunately, has been able to go back to work and thus get out of my hair. Lest I think that things have really turned the corner, another family member has been told that physical therapy is necessary for a chronic condition. And that means more doctor and pharmacy visits. And bills. Duh!

I wonder which will be more, the copays or the mechanic bills. Something to speculate about, assuming that I have time to wonder about it at all.

Knitting has turned a corner, so to speak. I have finally turned the heel on the second Trekking sock. The hardest part of a sock, for me, is picking up the gusset stitches. I have to have peace and quiet and time to concentrate. But once this is done, the rest of the sock is a breeze.

I've gotten my Bloglines under 200 posts, finally. If I haven't visited you for a while, I'm still working at it. I signed up at Knitting Daily today; still haven't had time to mess with my Ravelry account yet. Getting there, getting there.

Everyone, have a wonderful and safe 4th!!

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Blogger Kathy said...

Go gusset go. I love your colorway.

Hope things start to take a turn for the much butter for you.

your blog pals are saying a little prayer for you

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

I'm glad you got some rest and where able to get a little knitting in.

Sounds like you have a lot going on but remember to take care of yourself as well.

3:38 PM  
Blogger mjm knitting said...

yay for turning the heel!

3:55 PM  

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