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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Walk With Me in the Corn Maze

The last half of my week in Michigan, Son and DIL and the grandbabies flew out to join us. On Saturday we made an adventure out to the Cider Mill and Corn Maze. The day was brisk and cold and I had my handknits ready to go. The Silk Garden Hat, my Malabrigo Fetching Mitts, and the River Rocks Monkey Socks (in their debut appearance) were all worn and highly appreciated. There was a petting farm with goats, sheep, ponies, and ducks.

There were playgrounds and mountains of straw bales for climbing. There was the cider press, of course, with amazing fresh unpasteurized cider and a bakery with freshly made doughnuts. There was a little food stand with excellent french fries and other goodies. (No truth at all to the claim that tons of fresh air and walking makes good food taste even better, ;-) don'tcha know.) There were corn fields and pumpkin fields, hay rides and of course the corn maze.
Granddaughter Nikki loved seeing the corn cobs still on the stalks. This was the first time any of us had done a corn maze. This one was about two miles long, and took about an hour.

Before we left for home we bought Winesap apples, which I carried home on the plane with me the next day. I also bought carmel apples and chocolate walnut fudge, which were devoured for dessert that night after dinner. Too bad I couln't bring home a three month's supply of cider and doughnuts. For that matter, it's too bad I couldn't bring back the incomparable Michigan landscape

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Blogger Roxie said...

Souds like an autumnal idyl! What a treat for the little ones, and since they were happy, what a treat for the grownups, too!

6:17 AM  
Blogger Margene said...

Look at that sky. Sounds like a lovely end to your trip.

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! My kids love those corn mazes too. We try to go in the fall every year.

7:10 AM  
Blogger cyndy said...

I've never been on a walk through a maize maze...thanks for taking me along! (And now you have made me hungry too!...think I'll have an apple ;-)

3:30 PM  

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