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Friday, October 05, 2007


It's been another one of those time-consuming medical weeks that have become all too familiar around here lately. Outpatient surgery for another family member, and three days at the pharmacy trying to sort out prescriptions and pounding my head against figurative walls. (I've been tempted to do a post entitled "Walk With Me Wednesday Through all the Pharmacies I Have Known", but I digress.) All is well, but I'm worn out from the caretaker role this week. This year has certainly been one for medical issues right and left.

Once again Project Spectrum got away from me. And now I find that the Red Scarf Project is running and is almost finished! Guess I really missed that one somewhere. Now I won't have anything knit for this time around. Too bad, I was planning on this for December and January knitting.

It's time again for Socktoberfest. I'll still be working on the On-Your-Toes socks and the Welsh Country Stockings. I'm still determined not to start any of my new sock yarns until the Welsh Country Stockings are finished. Too bad Joe has such big feet!

I've also joined a Read and Knit-Along. I've had the Anne of Green Gables books for several years, but have only read the first book and Anne's House of Dreams. This will be a nice incentive for me to read all eight books. Some of the members are going to knit Anne-themed projects, but I'm just going to continue with the knits I've currently got on the needles. I've already read the first book and started the second.

This is the first Anne book I owned. I found it years ago in a used bookstore/antique shop. It's a very early edition and I do treasure it.

Next week I am abandoning the family to their own devices and flying out to visit my family in Michigan. I haven't been out there for a visit in over four years. I'm greatly looking forward to seeing the autumn colors and enjoying the last of the corn crop and the prime of the apple crop. We're planning a day trip for fresh cider and doughnuts, a treat I haven't had in years.

Knitting to take along? The On-Your-Toes socks and a new knit: I'm going to do a diagonal rib scarf with this Noro from the stash. It will make good airplane/travel knitting. I don't want to take anything too involved to work on because most of what I knit will be taking second place to visiting, etc. And -- a special treat -- son and DIL and grandbabies will be coming in to join us for a couple days later in the week! So there will be much fussing and playing with babies to keep me occupied!

The Cherry Leaf Shawl is about half finished. I'm already looking ahead to the next shawl I will work on, and Clapotis is right up there at the top of the list. I bought this yarn about a year and a half ago specifically to do this pattern. The colors are autumnal enough for me; funny how I get to crave colors depending on the season!

And finally, what would Friday be without Friday's Flowers? The big lantana bush is going wild since the temperatures have cooled down a bit.

I'm off to pack. See you again in about ten days, unless the possibility for remote blogging presents itself. Happy knitting!

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Anonymous Kelly said...

Sounds like you could you use a little time away, it's great you'll be able to visit your family.

Beautiful bush!

1:03 PM  

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