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Friday, September 07, 2007

Much Clouds

What does a hurricane in Arizona look like?

Much clouds.

Little rain.

Knitting on the Brick House sock continues, a few rows at a time. Now I am spending time waiting for labs, med techs, etc., window shopping in yarn catalogues. This could be a mistake. Now I am thinking that I'm gearing up for a major stash enhancement. Some solid color sock yarn for lace and cable pattern socks. Some organic cotton for baby things. Some Noro Silk Garden. What am I saying? LOTS of Noro Silk Garden. For scarves. For -- let's be honest -- a Lady Eleanor entrelac scarf (Scarf Style). We're talking major yarn investment here. I've been looking - again - at the projects in Ravelry. I want a Silk Garden Lady Eleanor. Maybe. In a bit. It's September, after all. I've got all the major school bills clamoring to be paid. Those of you with college students know exactly what I mean. I also know all you enablers out there. All of you were so encouraging of my leanings towards doing Thermal. I don't think there is any doubt now that I'm going to be ordering yarn for that soon. The rest? We'll see.

There may be much clouds around, but the local organic apple growers are still out at the farmer's markets. Some very crisp and tasty Mcintosh apples this week:

And what would Friday be without Friday's Flowers? They love the little sprinkles and showers that we are getting off and on.

Much clouds this week. To have two bright lights leave this world this week. Luciano Pavarotti -- I saw him in "The Daughter of the Regiment" many, many years ago. I think I was nineteen at the time. He was just becoming a household name at the time. He was electrifying. He has always been one of my favorite singers. And now Madeleine L'Engle. I think that I have more of her books than I do of any other single author. She has been one of my most favorite authors since childhood. In many ways her writings have been and will continue to be a guiding, illuminating light for me.

They don't make many like these two any more.

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Blogger Roxie said...

I hadn't heard about Madeline L'Engle. I'm with you. The world just got a bit darker.

Lovely photos! What will you do when the Brick House socks are done?

6:42 AM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

All those yarns sound great and I think you deserve some stash enhancement.

Beautiful pics. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

4:31 PM  
Blogger Abigail said...

Yes that is a typical Arizona storm. All talk but no action and pretty none the less. I don't miss it but I miss you. Cyber hugs:D

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Dipsy said...

Your photos are stunningly beautiful - these colors cheered me up big time today, thank you for that! And my gosh, this storm coming along sure does look scary! We hardly ever get the "heavy stuff" over here, but since that tornado in Italy I'm sure shuddering to think of such things...

2:29 AM  
Anonymous Sharon said...

Oh, I want to do Lady Eleanor too! Big time. I have a few projects I have to get out of the way first, but then....let's just keep enabling each other. :)

5:58 PM  

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