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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Sisterhood Part 2

It's a good thing the one week time constraint is in place, otherwise I might have dithered around for a week or so yet. But I had to make some decisions, and I did. This is what I am keeping. 5 hanks of the red Cascade 220. One hank of the gold Cascade. I intend to make the Wool Peddlers Shawl, but if I find that it's too heavy, or just not working out, having the gold will allow me to knit a Harry Potter scarf. So I am guaranteed to be able to finish something I want out of this yarn.

I'm keeping two shawl patterns. Not the laceweight. I only have one hank of laceweight in my stash and I'm not giving it up. But I have some on order. And by the way, I got a catalogue in the mail the other day. Woodland Woolworks. Has anyone ordered from them? Are they reliable?

I'm keeping a couple straight needle sets. And the Trekking. I am trying to get my hands on all types of sock yarn to see what I like best. And I know I will love the Trekking, because that's what my Sockapaloooza socks were knit from. I'm also keeping two balls of Nature Spun Fingering (Sock) yarn in Mango, which to me looks like Pumpkin. And I certainly need a pair of signature Pumpkin-colored socks.

This is what I am putting in. Numerous straight needles that I will not use because they are too big for my hands. One sock book (9 patterns) and a Dalegarn book with 22 patterns, a couple of them shawl patterns. 2 balls of Encore Worsted, 2 skeins of Wildfoote Handpainted Sockyarn in "Bluegrass", 1 hank KnitPicks Andean Treasure in Lilac (leftover from Sockapaloooza), 2 skeins Kroy Sockyarn, 1 skein Nature Spun Worsted, and 3 balls of Butterfly, a light worsted weight in neutral colors, perfect for the last month of Project Spectrum. I bought that a few months ago and then found out it wouldn't work for the project I had in mind. So someone can have it and hopefully make something amazing with it.

I wanted to keep the box filled with a variety of yarns. I've got tons of Walmart type yarns around, but I certainly wasn't going to put any of that in. Ann has put so much wonderful stuff in the box, I felt I had to raise the bar a bit, as it were. And I hope everyone will keep a good selection in the box for the next person.

Hopefully I will get off work on time tomorrow and make it to the post office in time to mail it to.....guess!


Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

I'm still totally amazed by that project you're doing with your swap pal - the yarns you decided for are amazing, certainly the best choice! Now I'm looking forward to see all the projects that you're about to start in the next days!

3:39 AM  
Blogger Ann said...

Oooo, A Gryffindor scarf! Perfect! And thanks for the careful consideration you're putting into your selection. I'm looking forward to the "pumpkin" socks. Thanks for showing off, Pat!

4:27 AM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

You chose some great yarns! It sounds like the next person will also have some wonderful yarns to choose from. Pumpkin socks sound fabulous cant's wait to see them!

7:25 AM  
Blogger JulieLoves2Knit said...

Pat - Woodland Woolworks is great - I have ordered from them a few times and always get stuff right away. They have a huge selection.
In June I am going to The Black Sheep Gathering for a 'fiber fix' and plan on stopping at Woodland on my way from Eugene to Portland.
Sounds like you've had a lot of fun with the "Sisterhood" box - where does it go next?

11:00 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

You are mailing it to one very luck sister! Great great yarns. The knitter will be no less than thrilled.

I love the finished baby sweater. Oh gosh its Adorable !!!!!!!

7:30 PM  

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