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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

No Guts, No Glory

First off, I want to thank "Anonymous", whose comment in my last post sent me off to a beautiful picture of a traditional Polish Easter basket. If you haven't gone to her link, please do -- it is EXACTLY what I was trying to describe. It did my heart good to see that basket. Somewhere the old traditions really are still alive!

In other news, I finally got some time off from work! I was only needed for two and a half hours Sunday morning, and then I wasn't needed for the staff meeting this morning. (Oh, how wonderful not to be needed!) So I had two mornings to sleep in and not to have to go anywhere work related. What bliss! So I did a bunch of yard work yesterday, and got the house cleaned this afternoon, after grocery shopping and a quick stop at the little mall where I got four pairs of shorts for summer and four pairs of shoes -- actually, three of them were sandals that will show off my future hand-knit socks to perfection! Then I spent time knitting in my favorite springtime spot -- the swing on the front porch.

I spent some time today working on the Jaywalkers. I really couldn't make up my mind if I wanted to do this pattern or not. I've read a bunch of blogs where it seems there are a lot of problems with the pattern being too tight. I thought about how I would do these and, knowing that I wanted to use my Size 0 needles, I decided to use the bigger pattern (casting on 84 stitches). I have done 20 patterns repeats on the leg and I think it will go over the ankle okay. If it doesn't, I will frog it all and still use the 84 stitch pattern, but go up to Size 1's. I really don't want to, though, because I don't think I will want these any looser. Definitely the smallest size would be too small! I think I will do at least 30 pattern repeats on the leg before I start the heel. I like the pattern, and I like the way the yarn looks in it. (No picture today, the camera has come up missing just now and I'm not going into that teenager's room to find it.) So I guess I'll just keep knitting and see what happens. After all, I could think myself to death wondering how to knit these, or I could just leap in and try. If I have to start over, c'est la vie, or as Margene would say, it's the process.

Admit it, even if frogging is in the future, it's still pretty darn nice to be sitting on the front porch knitting instead of sitting in a dull office at work.


Anonymous Kim said...

You're welcome! Glad you liked it! Sorry about the "anonymous" - I don't have a blog. But I figured out that "other" at least allowed me to leave a name!

12:19 PM  
Blogger Kathy said...

Im so with you on the porch knitting PAT!!!! I havent' been able to yet, but it is getting close. Your summer shopping sounds very productive in a short time, my favorite way to shop. Happy Easter late. I loved the Polish Basket story.

6:35 PM  
Blogger trek said...

One thing that helped me in the ankle is that I pick up an extra three stitches on each side of the gusset and just extend the number of rounds that I use in the decreases. Perfect fits/

8:30 AM  
Blogger Crazy About Sox said...

i'm having the same delema with the jaywalker's... to knit or not to knit... let me know how it goes...

11:25 AM  

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