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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Still Around and Kickin', Sorta

No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, but it did feel like it, a bit. I've been grinning and bearing my way through a few days of the unhappy tummy stuff. Then there was Prom night last night, with all the attendant teenage angst, and the boyfriend-breakup thing angst with another one, all of which call on Mom to provide the ever ready shoulder. Then this morning there was the what-a-waste from Prom ranting, since after all the money spent (I see you all nodding out there), some prankster apparently called in a bomb threat to the building, forcing the authorities to send everyone out well before the event was scheduled to end. (Hope they catch the jerk.)

At any rate, I have still been keeping up on my Bloglines, although not having much inclination to comment -- totally my lack of energy, rather than from a lack of interesing posts on your parts. Not much knitting has been done either, since the tummy business was also complicated by work stress-issues. We have new personnel on board and I went in this week only to have everyone in turn pull me aside to bend my ear with all the little hissy issues -- he said this, she does this, etc, etc, ad nauseum. Really, folks -- small rant here -- grow up and resolve your own issues like the adults you are supposed to be.

Now it's Sunday morning, I feel better, it's a beautiful morning here, and we are going out in the fields to hike a bit. See you all later.


Blogger Ann said...

Stomach stuff? I didn't know I was still contagious [smile]. Glad you're better.

And a bomb scare? Yikes!

2:10 PM  

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