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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Q is for...


Yes, I can spell. As you will see.

Ketchikan was our last Alaskan port. All through the Inside Passage we had been dodging rain and fog. This day the sun was out in full force. A totally gorgeous day. We were told that it had been raining for a solid week and a half in Ketchikan, and that the locals hadn't seen the sun in that long and more. In fact, we were also told that Ketchikan only has a few totally sunny, no rain at all days in the entire year, and that we were lucky enough to be there for one of them.

Everybody seemed to be out in full force. The boaters were enjoying the sun and the breeze, and sea planes were landing and taking off in front of our balcony all day long. We had a wonderful lunch of salmon chowder and Dungeness crab served in a big marguerita glass.

In Ketchikan I found the little ball of yarn that I had determined to hunt down and capture in Alaska. Qiviut yarn in peach. This is a blend of qiviut, silk, and merino. I tried on a sample cowl and was amazed at how warm the blend was. Far warmer than I will probably ever really need in Arizona, but something to acquire all the same.

No way was I trusting this to the baggage handlers of America, either.

So, you see, Q(iviut) really is for Ketchikan, after all!

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Blogger Margene said...

So beautiful and crab, too!? The Qiviut is the icing on the cake!

4:18 AM  

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