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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Project Update

There's less on the needles these days. Something of an attempt to not have too many knits on the needles at once. I am quite confident in predicting that this will not last.

After the Foliage hat was finished, I wound up that wonderful bamboo yarn that Roxie sent me. The colors are very similar to the Malabrigo used in the hat. Only this is going to be another scarf. I've been dredging the Ravelry files and I think I've found the one perfect pattern for this. But I'm not telling, yet.

The Cherry Leaf Shawl (from Victorian Lace Today) is nearly done. About another hour's work or thereabouts, and it will be ready for blocking. There's a special photo shoot planned for the finished product as well.

This was yarn sent to me by Roxie as well. I anticipated that the shawl would use up more of it, but there is quite a bit left. Enough for another lace scarf, if I so desire. VLT and Ravelry have plenty of patterns, and there is so much more new on the Internet these days. Sometimes I think that I need to stay away from the computer, or else I get caught up in links and sites and searches. Already my Ravelry cue is greater than life expectancy. Oh, the choices, the choices!


Blogger KnitNana said...

Beautiful yarns! Lovely lace!

And don't I know about projects beyond life expectancy? lolol!!

10:48 AM  

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