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Monday, June 12, 2006

In The Woods

Just a quick post to everyone --

We're way up to heck and gone in northern New Hampshire. The only way I can get the internet is through Joe's cell phone, and it is so slow, it sucks up the minutes the way the gas station sucks up my paycheck. But I wanted to thank the Academy for selecting me as one of the first finalists in the Amazing Lace -- I'm tremendously flattered and excited by it and I can't connect to see how the voting is going!! When I get back home later this week, I'll respond to all the comments and emails and get back to Bloglines, but for now thank you everyone for all the kind comments on the LittleLaces and everything else.

We're having a terrific time up here and I will have lots to post about later on. Hope everyone of you is doing well and having fun, too.


Blogger Zana said...

Pat-- It was great to see you and your family again on Sunday. I'm sorry we couldn't hang around a bit longer. I hope you all enjoy what's left of your New England visit! Take care

2:22 PM  

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