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Friday, December 02, 2005


Or maye I should say, WOW. Thanks to everyone who visited and commented from the Holiday Giftknitters KAL, and from Susan's link to my hat. (The other hats in the closet are jealous now. They are all storebought. I hear little whispers at night. "You're really not so special. She still likes me better. So what if she wore you all day yesterday. You think you're so hot. Just remember, if all hats get 15 minutes of fame, you still have 14 minutes and 59 seconds to go. So don't go getting your little moss stitches all puffed up with us. We've been sitting in this closet with the cat hair longer than you have.")

Hey, KT in "Aridzona"! Thanks for the info! I wandered over to Yarnstorm and grinned away! And by the way, I think somebody ought to start an Arizona knitters' webring. Maybe if someone reading this could point me in the right direction on that?...

There was no hiking this week. The old man was out in Reno on a work related seminar. (Yeh, sure he was.) He got there in time for all that lovely rain and snow, too. So instead, I took a road trip to our county fair site to pick up my returning entries from the Arizona State Fair. They have a marvelous program where they pick up the entries from the outlying rural counties and then return them after the fair. So I only have to drive one hour each way to get things entered instead of three or more each way. It was a beautiful drive, going through the high desert, where things were still fairly green. Too bad I didn't bring the camera so I could share it. I picked up my three travelling gifts that I posted about yesterday on the Holiday Knitting KAL. If you're not a member of my family, go ahead and check the pictures out. (Note to family: Don't spoil your surprises by going and peeking.) What I didn't post about over there, but will here, is what they brought home with them --

Pretty cool. I'm proud of them. They worked hard to get these babies.


Blogger Zana said...

Congratulations on the blue ribbons!

It was so nice to visit you all in AZ last month. Thanks for visiting my blog!

I've been working on learning how to knit, I'm going to try to go to a knit class in our building this week. If I get stuck on a project, now I know who to ask for help :-)

1:38 PM  

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