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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mr. Teeth

Or, the ode to my children. (Don't despair, we get back to the knitting stuff tomorrow.)

I can't begin to describe how impressed I am with the new parents' skills with the baby. They are doing a superb job. It's also hard to describe how it feels to have all of them back in the house at once. Besides fighting them for computer time (never compete with two teenagers who have their own teen-blogs), it's amazing to cook for all of them again. Actually, it's easier to cook for a mob, like I did for years when they were growing up, than to cook just for two or three. Plus, it's just fun to have them around again.

The dynamics have certainly changed. They are seldom all together at once anymore, since the oldest bunch are scattered around the country. Joe and Jenn, the new parents, live in Boston; he is finishing up his PhD at MIT and she has a degree in astrophysics. Mike is finishing his master's here in Arizona and is applying to medical school. Maria lives up north and is taking dental programs, and Annie and Barbara ("Auntie Annie" and "Auntie Boo") are still in high school. When they all got together this weekend, there was lots of talk of classes and scholarships and interviews and other equally academic matters. Every evening there would be loud and friendly games of Texas Hold-em, with the clatter of plastic poker chips going on all night. Everything was pretty civilized...until Maria brought out her "practice mouth".

Instant mayhem.

Not surprisingly,Mr. Teeth proved to be a willing participant in all kinds of games. He happily submitted to all sorts of indignities that would crush a lesser soul. Kind of like the dog that the little kids dress up and stick in the stroller. Except Mr. Teeth was polite and didn't bite back.

Finally, as a reward for being such a good sport, he got to sit in on a couple rounds of Texas Hold-em.

Sigh. My children, the (not-so) great minds of America.

What is the world coming to?


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