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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Turkey Master

So, when we last saw our fearless family clan, son Joe, the proud new father, requested that we have an early Thanksgiving dinner, seeing as how all the family was gathered together and, as he put it, he hadn't had Thanksgiving dinner with the family for eight years. I'm not sure his math is correct, but hey, who cares? So Sunday we cooked turkey, Southwestern style...


The turkey master himself is out in the remnants of the pumpkin patch, far enough away from the house just in case things get exciting. It took an hour to fry the almost 20 pound bird. In the meantime, more traditional dishes such as green bean casserole (quadruple recipe) were prepared in the conventional manner. It was still warm enough to eat dinner outside, and the day was followed by a perfect evening.

The moon picture was taken by son Michael, who had just gotten his new digital camera. Not his first camera; his fourth. This boy was never interested in having a camera all the years he lived with us. One day he picked up a cheap digital camera, and a monster was born. A monster who can take 269 pictures of one hour-long baptism service. (You think I jest. And he downloads all of them to my computer.)

So, all the clan retired for the night, with sweet dreams of a baptism and food, food, food...until the next morning, when all the out-of-towners woke up with head colds.

Welcome back to reality.


Blogger Kathy said...

New to your blog. I know Im going to put it in my favorites. Found you from sheep in the city's site map.

7:22 AM  

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