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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Trip to the Zoo

On Monday, we went to the zoo. Actually, it was to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. It was little Veronica's first visit to the zoo. Here's Veronica (better known as Miss Nikki) with her grandpa enjoying the otters. Nikki doesn't look like she's barely six weeks old yet, does she?

We saw many flying things and many crawling things. We saw lots of fuzzy things. The otters were fuzzy.

The prairie dogs were fuzzy, too.

This was fuzzy, too. EEEK! And this wasn't in a cage! Triple EEEK!!!

Miss Nikki and Grandpa had fun at the zoo. What did Grandma do? Grandma took the pictures while Grandpa held Nikki and showed her all the fuzzy animals at the zoo. Miss Nikki's Mommy and Daddy and Uncle Mike also enjoyed all the animals, fuzzy or otherwise.

Did Grandma do any knitting? Grandma worked on the pink ribbed shrug in the car until she ran out of yarn. Next time, Grandma, bring more yarn.


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