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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

WWMW - Storm's A Comin'

There are things to be eventually blogged about, for which there just isn't time now to do a proper job. It's the usual seasonal rush of Christmas shopping and decorating and wrapping and mailing off which is sucking up all my blog time and most of my knit time, as if you didn't already know it yourselves. But I still make a point of walking once or twice a day with Buddy. He doesn't let me forget. And I can't imagine not walking. It relaxes me, settles my mind, helps me to think things through and sort things out. It's my daily meditation for my mental health, because if I called it exercise and thought about it as such, I would soon lose interest in it. So just a few pictures for today. We are getting a winter storm and snow is in the forecast. The clouds are looming. Brrrr!



Blogger cyndy said...

I agree with you Pat- gotta walk!

it refreshes in many different ways!

6:32 AM  
Blogger The Knitting Blog by Mr Puffy the Dog said...

Dogs are amazing. Even without a watch they can tell you when it's time for a walk! Love ths storm coming in - nice to get some rain in the western states.

2:41 PM  
Blogger Susan Pandorf said...

"Button up your overcoat,
When the wind is free,
Take good care of yourself,
You belong to we!"

Stay warm (and I'm glad too!)


6:32 PM  
Blogger Susan Pandorf said...

We've got to stop meeting like this. Next time, send me your email and I'll respond there.

As to the faith thingee?



6:42 PM  
Blogger thegabbyknitter said...

Beautiful pics! I think that's a geat mind set to have. I'm with you if I call it excersise I wouldn't do it. Hope you didn't get hit too hard with snow.

1:58 PM  

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