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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


There's been a good deal of creativity going on around here. Stuff getting baked, built, knit, and grown.

On Sunday, since he had nothing else going on for a change, Joe baked the family recipe Easter bread. This yeast bread recipe has been in the family for ages. Nowadays Joe does almost all the family baking, but years ago this bread was my project each year. Back then, this bread won the blue ribbon for yeast bread in the state fair for four years running. Here, the big bowl of dough rising in the sunlight.

A couple hours later, the finished product. I think there were seven or eight loaves once he was finished.

Most went into freezer. Not this one. Who can resist fresh, warm yeast bread slathered with butter?

I'm still working on the first Express Lane sock. Since this is toe-up, and there's plenty of yarn in the skein, I'm seeing how far the yarn will go. If I were knitting a regular length sock, I'd have been well into the second one by now, but instead I'm fooling with calf shaping and wondering if the thing will stay up once it's worn. The sock always seems to look a bit knobby to me, but when I try it on the fit is perfect.

When I get tired of the little DPN's, I switch over to the Icarus shawl. It's growing slowly but surely.

Another project is underway in the back yard. We decided to get the back patio redone and covered over. The concrete work got done last week and the old wooden overhang was removed from the roof. Things were stuck at this point waiting for the lumber to arrive from Tucson; I'm happy to say that the order was delivered this afternoon while I was at the LYS buying more DPNs and circulars. Now the back yard smells and looks like a lumberyard and the new construction starts bright and early tomorrow morning. We anticipate the work will be done by this time next week, we hope, and we'll have a lovely shaded patio to enjoy this summer. For me, it will mean a good place to knit and spin.

This is not a project we're doing ourselves, heaven forbid; there are companies that do excellent work and one of them is doing this construction for us. And when it comes to the flowers growing in the yard, there is no better workman than the Master Gardener Himself.

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Blogger JulieLoves2Knit said...

The bread is mouth watering!!!
Am so jealous right now of your warm weather - I am so done with cold winter! I want to plant!!

1:39 PM  
Blogger Roxie said...

It would be indecent to let home-made yeast bread cool down without at lest one slice warm with butter melting in. I usually manage most of a loaf before it's cold.

6:40 AM  

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