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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thoughts at a Quilt Show

On Sunday Maria and I went to the local quilt guild's show. We used to belong to this guild a number of years ago, but quit when there just wasn't enough time - or interest - to keep up. Lately, though, it had occured to me that it might be nice to start up again. At any rate, we decided to do a mother/daughter trip to look at the quilts.

There were plenty of quilts to look at. And yes, I realized as soon as we got there that I hadn't grabbed the camera. There were many beautiful and creative quilts being displayed. Some would certainly stop you in your tracks. But what I did notice was that nearly every quilt, if not already a small wall hanging quilt, was really a quilt that would probably never be used except as a work of art to be hung on a wall. The colors and patterns were extraordinary; nearly every one had been professionally quilted by the local machine quilter. The quilting designs, some in metallic threads, were extensive and highly detailed. They were gorgeous quilts. But I couldn't see them being used on the floor to cradle a sleeping child, or tossed over a napping toddler, or snuggled up with on the couch late at night. There was too much art involved to make these quilts daily use friendly.

Now, perhaps only the most dramatic quilts were entered in hopes of winning a prize. It's perfectly possible that the "everyday" quilts were left at home, considered not good enough for the show. But while I admire a beautiful work of fabric art, I want to see the real quilts, the ones that get used on the beds and couches and floors. I love old fashioned quilts made with the 30's-40's style fabrics; I want to see quilts handpieced and handquilted by a loving mother or grandmother. And I see no reason why those quilts couldn't be displayed at a quilt show just as well as the arty ones. Any quilt that I would spend time making would have to be one that would be used and used and used. Perhaps it's an outgrowth of all that knitting. I expect the knits I make to be worn and used and used up. Sure, special pieces could be saved to wear on special occasions, but they would be worn, not hung on a wall. And they would be utterly wearable.

So, perhaps I will rejoin a quilt guild at some point, but perhaps not this one. It may be that I can find a guild that is more into the substance than the show, or at least whose philosophy is more in line with my own.

Anyways, while cruising so many blogs in the last month I've found a resurgence in my sock mojo. Perhaps some of you have noticed how many sock patterns I've added to my Ravelry queue lately. I've added a bunch of sock yarns to the stash, and more are on their way. And as soon as I finish up the Glacier scarf, I'm casting on for a new pair of socks.

Two colorways of Trekking XXL. The brown on the right is actually several shades darker.

On the left, Jojoland Melody Superwash for two pairs of socks. On the right, some Mini Mochi. There is more of this on the way.

On the right, Tofutsies in a limited edition colorway. And four balls of Jojoland Harmony laceweight. 880 yards per ball, so I can make up a really big shawl.

By the way, stop over at Julie's blog and see the scarf she's knitting inspired by the Glacier scarf. I really like the colorway she's chosen.


Blogger Roxie said...

What wonderful yarns!

And I am SO with you on the Quilt philosophy. I make drag-around quilts that are supposed to be used. They are NOT perfect or beautiful, but they are valuable!

8:04 AM  

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