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Sunday, January 21, 2007


We interrupt our nightly sock knitting and heel-turning to bring you a winter storm update. We've had some snow warnings before this that haven't panned out, but tonight may bring a change. It started snowing about an hour ago, just as it got dark, and it is piling up on the trees already. We haven't seen anything like this for a few years. Let it snow, we need the moisture

And Barbara wants a snow day.


Blogger Roxie said...

Oh yeah! Looks like a snow day to me. How does Buddy feel about this stuff? The morning walk should be an experience for all involved.

Wonderful pictures!

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's about all the snow we had this weekend...:-(

10:09 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

I love to hear about your weather, and see your pretty post shots. You have such a lovely blog. Hope Barbara got her snow day.

12:23 PM  
Blogger JulieLoves2Knit said...

Enjoy the snow - I hate to admit it - but I love it!!! Hate the ice, but let it snow!!!

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

I think you've probably gotten more snow then we've had all winter. This weather sure is strange. Enjoy your snow!

3:12 PM  

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