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Thursday, December 04, 2008

X is for...


If that's a word you're not familiar with, it refers to a particular style of landscaping, using very little water, developed for dry desert climates. It relies heavily on native plants, with very few specimens that need regular watering.

I don't have a xeriscaped yard, but I do follow some of the principles. We do have cactus and other low water use plants that I do not water. Ever. The flowering borders and planters, the high water items, are close to the house. Further out are the low and no water plantings. They survive on rainfall alone, or perhaps a bit of watering if things get really, really dry. Trees are low maintenance varieties that are specific to this climate. The whole idea is to use as little water as possible. Xeriscapes don't have lawns, or perhaps just a little section near the back patio. There is a whole world of interesting plantings possible, all geared to relying heavily on available rainfall and rainwater harvesting.

There are not many true xeriscaped yards where I live. Mostly it is in the new subdivisions where conservation is being aggressively practised. Most front yards in my neighborhood are plastic covered with gravel, including mine. There used to be a lawn in back but I wasn't very good at watering it and keeping it green. Someday I'm going to get pavers and flagstone and make a big patio out there. It will be very practical except in the middle of summer when it's too hot to be outside. Even now it's around 70 during the day and very warm in the backyard; we still grill outside frequently. More xeriscaping will be very appropriate...and will leave more time for other pursuits.

Now that all the Christmas shopping and mailing is out of the way, perhaps I can get back to knitting again.

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Blogger Kathy said...

Fascinating Pat. I love the whole concept of rainwater only. Amazing. lovely in a so nonmidwest way!

3:57 PM  
Blogger Roxie said...

You had that hard letter nailed, didn't you? Goood job!

8:51 AM  

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