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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

'Tis The Season

No, NOT Christmas. Advent.

Despite the fact that the stores have had Christmas up for the last few weeks, that a good number of the neighbors already have the decorated trees in the living room windows, and that the yearly competition to see who can get the most lights up on their house is off and running, there is no sign of Christmas in my house yet. Just the Advent wreaths are out, and the empty stable and manger waiting for a baby. This year I have finally Done It -- I've finished the shopping and the mailing, all before Thanksgiving. Now I intend to spend the month of December just enjoying the season and the spirituality.

Last week Monday the computer died. Totally. After a few days I started going through withdrawals, at least for a Ravelry fix. I borrowed one of the kids' computers. (It was not as difficult as you might think.) I got out my old computer and got it back in somewhat functioning condition. Then Joe bought a new laptop yesterday. It's pretty cool, but it did cost me my Christmas bonus.

Merry Christmas, dear. As long as I get equal time on it.



Blogger Abigail said...

Good for you getting all the pressies ready and on the way. All I have to do is mail them.

Enjoy this season of Advent. It's a great way to end and start the new year.

6:46 AM  

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